About Us

Faithful and Devout

The Sisters are educators and missionaries and pursuers of peace. Over the years they have worked in healthcare, prison ministry, immigration, and challenging classrooms, and they continue to maintain missions in Africa and Brazil. The Sisters of Saint Mary are committed to spreading the Good News wherever the Spirit leads.

Today the Sisters are fewer in Texas and their ages more advanced, but their vision of a better world holds firm. They are eager to share that vision with fresh partners to “bring a little good” to the people of Texas.

One institution they founded and supported — Our Lady of Victory Elementary School — closed in July 2021. The pandemic brought hardships, especially the social isolation that has hurt so many around the world. The Sisters suffered the loss of four beloved colleagues (not from covid-19) and a devastating ceiling collapse from the winter storm in February. Despite all of this, the Sisters continue their life’s work of providing guidance, comfort and prayer.

A Story of Courageous Women

Discover the story of our beginnings and of the brave Sisters who have gone before us. The seeds they planted in many institutions, parishes, and social ministries continue to grow and spread our mission of education and dedication to the poor as we read the signs of our times.

The Sisters are a community of charity, relying on the help of many people who feel called to share in our mission. Our community includes Sisters, Oblates, Associates, and Auxiliary.

The Work


Our Leadership Team

Sr. Yolanda Cruz

Sr. Patricia Ridgley

Sr. Rosemary Stanton

Your Generosity Sustains Our Life's Mission

When you choose to help sustain the Sisters and their mission, your donation will play a key role in all aspects of their lives. From healthcare and living expenses to groceries and supplies, every penny will be a blessing to their continued dedication.